Mark Zuckerberg finally reply to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook’s comment on Facebook

As reported by Recode,

Last Weak Cook said, he would never have found himself in the kind of situation Zuckerberg finds himself.

Wheather he was passing across a message about his perfection or feeling himself.

It was so ……., as Zuckerberg kicks back at Tim. He declared Tim’s arguement as shallow and insincere.
Zuckerberg said that Facebook remains free to use because it’s focused on connecting people, and many people can’t afford to pay, therefore, “having an advertising-supported model is the only rational model that can support building this service to reach people.

The Facebook CEO continued his massive hit against Cook by saying,

“If you want to build a service which is not just serving rich people, then you need to have something that people can afford.” He added, “At Facebook, we are squarely in the camp of the companies that work hard to charge you less and provide a free service that everyone can use. I don’t think at all that that means that we don’t care about people.”

Instead, Zuckerberg argued that it’s tech companies like Apple that charged premiums that might care less.


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